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Private vs. Public Victories

"Private victories precede public victories,' so propounded the sensational leadership guru Stephen Covey in his internationally acclaimed book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I have never read that book in full simply because I have never owned a personal copy but it's already in my list of books to acquire once I start earning good money. In case you are feeling sufficiently philanthropic today, please don't hesitate to help me acquire the book sooner than later. I will be eternally grateful for your generosity.

Anyway ... now, what was I saying before I digressed? ... Oh, just remembered I was telling you that private victories precede public victories as Stephen Covey propounded in his internationally acclaimed book. I can attest from personal experience that that proposition is spot on and any attempts to reverse it by striving for public victories before winning the private ones only breeds a life of routine stress and depression. Let me tell you of how I tried to reverse that proposition only to be met with defeat.

Sometimes in 2013 when I began reading newspapers I borrowed from one of my neighbours, I developed a craving to get featured in newspapers so that my friends could think I was fairing well in life. So I would force myself to write articles to the Nation media house for free even when I didn't have a genuine message seeking an outlet.

As it happened, some of my articles were published but unsatisfactorily, they were shortened by editors and published on a page which I doubt whether many people ever read because it contained quite a number of those shortened articles by other authors who I think were also craving for attention like me. That's why I was unsatisfied. I just craved to have my articles published in their full length in the main opinion pages which contained informative articles by such distinguished world leaders as Bill Gates and Barack Obama.

So to improve my chances of having my articles published in full length, I took to plagiarizing other people's works. I succeeded at one time to have a plagiarized article of mine published in full in an edition of theDaily Nation Living Magazine. And I tell you, I for a day felt like I had conquered the world when I received a few congratulatory messages from friends that day my article was published.

But imagine I was congratulated for writing an article in which I had lied that I had read a biography of Abraham Lincoln so that I could smartly plagiarize a lengthy quote by Edward Sisson who I have just learnt now on Wikipedia that he served as the President of the University of Montana for a few years after the end of World War 1. That I could do all that lying and plagiarizing reflects the extent to which I was determined to show off to friends that I was fairing well in life. Had someone figured out that I plagiarized the article and made it public, he would have dented my reputation at the expense of my inner peace. Luckily, nobody has ever figured out that I had plagiarized the article. God just saved me from getting ensnared in my foolish ambitions.

With time though, I have managed to hold my horses by not forcing myself to write articles to media outlets for free just to show off I am fairing well in life while in reality, I am struggling with my finances and self-esteem. Instead, I have decided to focus on winning my private victories first like by earning money to lead a decent life. And hopefully by the time I will start getting featured in high-brow newspapers, I will have developed the insights and self-concept that can stand the pressures of fame and fortune. So help me God.


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Accepting Jesus Christ

In the photo above is "Christ the Redeemer" statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have extracted the photo from and added a quote in it . Copyright © all rights reserved worldwide.

Have you ever felt too high naturally to an extent of developing mental clarity, conscious peace and appreciation of the riches of life? For me, I have experienced such natural highs on countless occasions since I first developed signs of self-awareness shortly after I turned 19 during my days at Starehe Institute in 2007.

Unfortunately though, and I again say unfortunately, I have been unable to sustain those natural highs. At times, the highs have fizzled out in the face of loss, failure, criticism and rejections. At other times, the highs have fizzled out for no apparent reasons. I think you have also undergone through those roller-coaster life rides, haven't you?

As for me, I am now endeavouring to make the natural highs my modus operandi. I will strive to wake up cheerfully each day of the remaining years of my life by greeting every morning with a smile, and to be so strong in mind and spirit that nothing will dent my smile, at least not longer than an hour. And how do I plan to achieve those consistent natural highs? By simply turning to Jesus Christ, the author and perfecter of my faith.

Well, I have for a long time come to believe deeply in the teachings of Jesus Christ. But never before have I been so moved to publicly proclaim that Jesus Christ is my Saviour. Now that I have done so here, I believe He will save me from the gloomy days that have since I turned 19 buffeted my life like a dead fish in a stormy sea.

I will therefore from now henceforth be turning to Jesus Christ for guidance by praying every day as well as by reading and meditating on His word. Above all, I will emulate His exemplary character of love, grace and wisdom. Like I will love all men underneath the sun, even the enemies I have made along the way and will continue to make.

Yes, I am accepting Jesus Christ into my life and will let Him live in me for the remaining years of my life. And when I will finally depart from this world that is full of fears and sorrows, I know He will welcome me warmly to that eternal home in heaven of ever-lasting peace where I shall reign supreme with Him. O, how I trust in Jesus Christ!


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Your Help Needed Here

If you are a fan of this lovely website of mine, you probably have already noticed that I sometimes go for more than five days without posting anything on it, like I have done in the past 13 days. Why?

Well, it's not that I run out of stories; I have enough of them to tell each day of the remaining years of my life in this grand and beautiful planet, even if I happen to clock ninety as I hope to do. I just go for several days without posting anything here simply because I run out of mojo to express myself in a fascinating voice. Or as Bill Clinton once put it, I occasionally lose my power of analysis and articulation.

I am however resolving to work on my capacity to renew my cheerfulness each passing day by writing something refreshing in this website of mine. For as the Book of Proverbs points out, he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. And this is where you come in: I want you to hold me accountable by asking me why I am not living up to that resolution if you happen to again notice that I haven't written anything here for three consecutive days.

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On a light note, I wish to inform you that this story of mine, in which I have asked for the above said help, has been secured with end-to-end encryption; that means only me and a few trusted friends of mine can read it. So if you have managed to read the story up to this point, you have found a back-door. Congratulations!


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