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"The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open. Do it. Throw yourself."— C. JoyBell C.

Benefits of Drinking Water

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When I was at Starehe Boys' Centre where I had my high school as well as college education, we used to have someone give us a talk during evening assemblies. Of all the evening talks we had during my close to six years stay at Starehe, I only remember the ones I delivered myself and three others. I recall the ones I delivered myself of course by virtue of having been the one who prepared them. And I wouldn't be surprised if most Starehians of my time can't remember what I said.

I delivered evening talks right from my first year at Starehe till my last. And thanks to those talks, I discovered I had a talent for public-speaking given the way some schoolmates used to compliment me. Like the morning after I gave my first evening talk in Starehe when I was in Form 1, a prefect commended me for it when I reported to his study for duty.

Then another schoolmate could't believe I was the one who had written that evening talk I delivered when I was in Form 1. He thought my senior brother Paddy, who was also in the school, had penned it. What I didn't disclose to the schoolmate was that I had intelligently plagiarized the contents of the speech from a Social Education and Ethics textbook.

Though I surmise most Starehians of my time can't remember what I said during my talks, I know of a few who do. One of them is Dennis Makhandia, a housemate of mine at Starehe who was a year behind me. When we were at the university in JKUAT in 2008, Makhandia once asked me whether I had a written copy of a talk I gave when I was in Form 3 about the dangers of taking carbonated drinks. I didn't have a copy of the speech but I remember that I plagiarized it from a passage in a KCPE English paper exam.

As I have said, I only remember three other evening talks we had at Starehe besides the ones I delivered. The first was by a senior student who told us why being a lawyer is a noble profession. Even though I can't recall the contents of that talk, I think that was a good initiative.

The second was by a schoolmate called Abdikadir Hussein who tried to convince us that Islam is an honourable religion. He spoke of what Islam is and what it is not, and how it is misinterpreted by those who don't understand it. I also think that talk on Islam was a good initiative, but the problem was that Abdikadir delivered it incoherently. If only he had been eloquent! (By the way, I learnt yesterday while doing research for this story that Abdikadir Hussein is now a doctor.)

The third evening talk I recollect from my Starehe years was one by Mr. Kinyajui, our Agriculture teacher in junior high school. Mr. Kinyajui gave us a nice homily about the benefits of drinking water. He outlined several of those benefits but the only one I remember is that drinking water makes us look more handsome. The talk inspired me to take water on a regular basis, a habit I have kept to this day which explains why I usually look as radiant as a Hollywood movie star.

Because I forgot almost all the benefits of drinking water that Mr. Kinyajui propounded, I googled them up some time in 2017. And to my delight, Google directed me to a website which lucidly stated that drinking water:
  • relieves fatigue,
  • improves mood,
  • treats headaches and migraines,
  • helps in digestion and constipation,
  • aids weight loss,
  • flushes out toxins,
  • regulates body temperature,
  • promotes healthy skin,
  • relieves hangover,
  • beats bad breath.
Those health benefits have encouraged me to continue drinking water that is sometimes abundantly provided for free by God through rains. And even though I plan to be taking an occasional glass of wine once I start making money as the Bible recommends, I have prayed that I may never forsake water and get addicted to the bottle. I will borrow a leaf from John Eliot, the Indian apostle who drank water and said this of wine, "It is a noble, generous liquor and we should be humbly thankful for it but, as I remember, water was made before it."

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A Kiss of Adventure

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There is this friend of mine called Alfred Mayodi who has produced my last two songs. He is such a poor communicator, but I like him just the same. The good thing about him is that he charges me cheaply and affordably for his services in producing my songs. He is also a pleasant fellow to work with.

Early this week, Mayodi and I agreed that we would produce on Wednesday a song I had composed. But when the day neared, he didn't receive my calls. Neither did he call me back as he had promised in a text message he sent me on Tuesday evening. Come Wednesday morning, he still wasn't receiving my calls which I dialled with the intention of confirming the time I would go to his studio. So I gave up on my plans of producing the song that Wednesday.

After I had already given up on my plans, I saw a text message from Mayodi at 11.47am that very Wednesday. He was telling me to meet him in his studio at 2.00pm of that day. When I read the message, I changed my mind and decided to commute to Nairobi where Mayodi's studio is located. So I quickly took a shower, got dressed up and left home for Nairobi. As always, I carried with me a book to read during any idle moments that might arise. This time, the book I carried was M. R. Kopmeyer's Thoughts to Build On.

Because I was already late, I boarded a motorbike instead of walking to my hometown of Kiserian where I was to catch a matatu to Nairobi. And when I got inside a matatu, I tried saying a silent prayer but words weren't flowing fluently in my mind as they sometimes do. But I nonetheless asked God to grant me success in producing my song at Mayodi's studio.

And wa! The matatu I was travelling in began to malfunction on the way to Nairobi. Its engine would sometimes go off and the driver would switch it on with difficulty. And from the way the engine would sometimes sputter, it seemed the matatu could conk out any time, leaving us stranded on the road. Thankfully, the matatu made it to Nairobi safely. I breathed a sigh of relief when I alighted from it in downtown Nairobi.

Upon reaching downtown Nairobi, I boarded a bus that took me to the side of Nairobi where Mayodi's studio is located. And when I got out of the bus, I still had some distance to cover to Mayodi's studio, including crossing a superhighway via a footbridge. About five months ago when I last travelled to Mayodi's studio, I had felt real scared while crossing that footbridge. I can still feel how frightened I felt while I walked across the footbridge as an endless stream of cars cruised underneath it at fast speeds.

Last Wednesday when I used the footbridge, I wasn't as scared of using it as I was five months ago. But I still felt the heebie-jeebies as I walked on it. As I ascended the stairs of the footbridge, I passed by a small boy who was also going up the stairs nonchalantly while leaning on the handrails. Oh my! The small boy didn't seem in the slightest bit scared of looking at the world underneath the footbridge. I thought that was very brave of him.

Seeing the small boy climb the footbridge unscared reminded me of a time in my childhood days when I felt frightened of climbing down the stairs of a certain building in Nairobi where my father had an office. As I descended the stairs, the sight of the distant floors below reduced me to a quivering jelly. I am now thinking that I must have been that frightened because I grew up in a village environment where I wasn't used to tall buildings.

Anyway, coming back to last Wednesday, I arrived at Mayodi's studio at around 3.00pm. Though I was a bit late, all went well. I enjoyed producing my song, which we did for about two hours. And because I didn't want to leave Mayodi's place while still dark, I left the studio at around 5.30pm. I requested Mayodi and his colleague to do the final touches of the song and send it to me via Whatsapp.

In a bus on my way back to downtown Nairobi, I happened to be seated in between the bus driver and an elderly nun. As the bus followed the road, something unclear to me happened between the bus and a lorry, but they didn't collide. Lo! The incident made the bus driver flare up in temper. He hurled insults at the lorry driver. And he was insulting him using obscenities while showing him the middle finger, without minding the presence of the elderly nun who was seated next to me.

As the bus was entering downtown Nairobi, we got stuck in a snail-moving traffic. Cars were bumper to bumper in that traffic jam. I took advantage of the traffic by reading the M. R. Kopmeyer's book that I had carried. And I learnt from the book that it is healthy to talk to a trusted friend about the things that are troubling us.

When I reached downtown Nairobi, I boarded a matatu for a journey back to Kiserian. I reached home at around 9.15pm while it rained. And after I got home, I thanked God for journey mercies and for having granted me success in the adventure I made to Nairobi last Wednesday. It was an adventure for shizzle.

NEW! NEW! NEW! If you'd like to listen to the song I produced on Wednesday, it's available in the video's section of this blog. Just click on the "Videos" link on the menu at the top of this blog. The song is titled "Live in the Moment".


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