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A Proof That God Exists

As I was taking my daily walk on late Sunday evening, I was invigorated on gazing at the perfectly spherical slivery moon which seemed in my eyes to be freely suspended in the sky like a stringless balloon. I was left with the impression that the Creator must have used a mathematical set to design it. And I eventually found myself reciting this quote by Alfred Tennyson:
"The sun, the moon, the stars, the seas, the hills and the plains - are not these, O soul, the vision of Him who reigns?"
I was truly stirred to worship God, felt His peace and moved to disagree with atheists who claim the idea of God's existence is a delusion. Okay, let me reason it out.

Suppose I disassembled my sleek Lenovo Ideapad™ laptop, put the separated parts in a container and shook it. No matter how skilfully I shook it, never in a million years would the parts assemble themselves again into the sleek laptop I enjoy using. Its making requires intelligent and organized labour which in this case is a learned team of humans.

Similarly, there is no way the universe as we know it would have come into existence without a careful design by an intelligent super-natural being. For how else can you explain these amazing facts:
  • The Earth is just at the right distance from the Sun to make it possible to sustain life
  • The ozone layer exists to shield us from harmful solar ultra-violet rays
  • The Earth's atmospheric pressure balances with blood pressure without which blood would ooze out
  • The body of a healthy handsome young man (like me) has no unnecessary parts just like a well-engineered machine or a well-written story
I could go on and on to list all the amazing facts of our universe but I beg to stop there in the interest of time. And while am not sure whether I have succeeded in convincing you further of God's existence, I have been led on my part to dedicate the remaining years of my life to Him who reigns.


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This is Stephen Ngaruiya, one of my high school classmates, posing for a photo on a verdant farm somewhere in Kenya. I have displayed and modified the photo here with his permission. Copyright © all rights reserved worldwide.

Some people confuse mere inconveniences with real problems. Like you will hear them complaining bitterly of power loss just because they have been denied a chance to watch their favourite TV show. Surely, is power loss a real problem? It is not even a problem - just a mere inconvenience.

But if you don't know where your next meal will come from because you are poor - now that is a real problem. And that's why when Jesus taught us how to pray, he advised us to ask for daily bread first. So to guarantee myself an assured constant source of 'daily bread', I will engage in farming when I build my own home, hopefully in the near future, God-willing.

My interest in farming grew to be part of my dreams when I became a nature lover sometime in 2014. I did try it later on in the year on the land of my father but gave up when I found myself in conflict with him for making changes on his farm. Since it was his land and it is unwise to conflict with a parent regularly, I put my farming interest on hold till I acquire my own piece of land which I will christen "The Garden of Eden".

You see, I tried making changes on my father's land because I love beauty and my goal was to farm in style so that I could sit back to admire my efforts like the way God did when he created the universe as narrated in the Book of Genesis. So I envision my Garden of Eden as verdantly neat with sections for vegetables, cowshed, fish-pond, apiary and aviary separated by fruit trees. And I will use the farm manure to produce kitchen biogas and to enrich the garden soil.

As you can see, I will have a healthy family that feasts on vegetables, milk, fish, honey, eggs, chicken and fruits on a daily basis. So help me God.


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Thuita's 3rd Law of Human Nature®

Norman Vincent Peale wrote an enlightening book titled The Power of Positive Thinking that I read two times and would done so for a third time had it not been stolen from me. But I am nonetheless glad that I still remember some pieces of advice I gleaned from it.

Like that faith is the source of all genuine success and I should therefore believe in myself; that it is possible to be constantly happy; that the Bible is not a piously stuffy book but a scientific procedure for successful living; and that I can transform myself into a popular likeable person.

I am thinking that Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States who led his country to Cold War victory, must have read The Power of Positive Thinking because he was a living example of all that the book expounds. He was a charismatic president who believed in God deeply, loved meeting people and thought that all the solutions to problems facing civilized man today can be found within the covers of the Bible.

But guess what? I was surprised to learn that Peale and Reagan, the men I have briefly mentioned above, were hated by some people.

"St. Paul is appealing," remarked one politician in the 1960s, "but Peale is appalling."

"I would rather have Roosevelt in a wheelchair," remarked another politician in 1984, "than Reagan on a horse."

Not only was I amused by those hateful remarks on those two heroes of mine but also felt in good company because I have also been through the fire of vile comments. Like when I started sharing my stories on social media after falling in love with writing, I was discouraged by the negative words some friends spoke of me.

Imagine taking time to craft beautiful stories by carefully selecting the right words from my thesaurus and sharing the stories with my friends in the hope of entertaining them only to receive a feedback saying, "Thuita was a nuisance; I unfriended him on Facebook."

Reflecting on those negative remarks has led me to formulate what I call the Thuita's 3rd Law of Human Nature® which states as follows:
You will never be liked by everyone no matter how good you try to be. [1]
This law teaches us intuitively that enemies are part of life. And as for me, I consider it my job to like people; not to get others like me. So I like you. And if you like me too, you can let me know. But if you don't like me, go make a better looking scarecrow and teach it how to live.

[1] Here are the first law and second law. These laws have been copyrighted with the Kenya Copyright Board. All rights reserved worldwide. DO NOT QUOTE THEM WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE AUTHOR.


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